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OurStrings4You delights and dazzles, offering "a world of perspective" in their performances! The group represents and brings in cultures from all over the world. Cellist Regina Golovina comes from Uzbekistan, together with Amy Budzicz (viola) from Chicago, Boryana Popova (violin) from Bulgaria, and Emily Lenck (violin) from Florida to form this special group.

They're privileged to bring all kinds of music to all kinds of people, inviting others in on the universal dialogue of music! The Ladies of OurStrings4You offer memorable performances with attention to great service, enthusiasm for each occasion, and a readiness to meet all client needs. Thank yourself later by booking with them now!

Put together, the ladies of OurStrings4You have:

  • 4 Bachelor’s degrees and 4 Masters Degrees in music performance

  • Provided music for over 100 weddings

  • Played in upwards of 25 symphony orchestras

  • Performed in 14 different countries

  • Worked with 10 renowned String Quartets, including the Guaerneri, Talich, Ebene, Pacifica, Singing Strings, and St. Petersburg quartets







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